Jacqueline Leigh


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114 lbs.
Size XS/2

With long brunette hair and a light complexion, I’m hardly the stereotypical California girl, and that’s just how I prefer it: out of the ordinary, distinctive, exclusive. An ultra toned, statuesque body is sustained through near-daily workouts and healthy living. 

By nature, I’m a very private person. I rarely even post on social media. This mentality carries over to my companionship experiences. In LA, I’m most comfortable keeping things behind closed doors.

Loves:  The sound of rain, Art Deco, a sharp wit, a slinky black dress, live sporting events, Old Hollywood, endorphins, diamonds, emeralds and sapphires, chivalry, audacity, kindness, Bulgari Serpenti collection.

Dislikes: Cheapskates, tasting menus, drama, being rushed, Honey Birdette.

Can't live without: Humor, coffee, exercise, passion. 

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The content on this page is private.

Wishlist .

For those who love to spoil, I’ve compiled a wishlist on Amazon (nothing excites me quite like fine jewelry). 

I'm also partial to e-gift cards, especially from:

Agent Provocateur

Neiman Marcus


Generosity never goes unnoticed. All gifts are very much appreciated, though never expected. 

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Please take a moment to introduce yourself using my secure booking form.

If you prefer to email your details or to inquire about modeling rates: jacqleighinc@gmail.comMy assistant Carla handles requests from new friends and responds quickly.

Be prepared to send at least one of the following:

- Your P411 number. 
blank email from your employer’s address. An unpublished, discreet email address can be supplied on my end, if you wish. A picture of your business card is also suitable, so long as it matches your Linkedin profile.
- A copy of your ID. All specifics except your name and photo may be blurred.

Appointment requests with the vital requirements (screening and deposit) should involve no more than a few emails, otherwise my assistant will move the correspondence to spam.

Those who make this simple process a breeze move directly to the front of the line.

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