Jacqueline Leigh


About .

114 lbs.
Size XS/2

With long brunette hair and a light complexion, I’m hardly the stereotypical California girl, and that’s just how I prefer it: out of the ordinary, distinctive, exclusive. An ultra toned, statuesque body is sustained through near-daily workouts and healthy living.

By nature, I’m a very private person. I rarely even post on social media. This mentality carries over to my companionship experiences. I enjoy public dates with a select few, but seldom in LA.

Turn ons:  The sound of rain, Art Deco, a sharp wit, live sporting events, Scorsese flicks, endorphins, diamonds, emeralds and sapphires, chivalry, generosity, kindness, Bulgari Serpenti collection.

Turn offs: Cheapskates, tasting menus, being rushed, Honey Birdette, wimpy/beta males.

Q&A .

Do you see everyone who requests your company? Definitely not. I'm particular who I share my time with and rarely see gentlemen under 35.

Is that really you in all the pictures? Yes! My galleries are updated often. None of my images are enhanced with Facetune or any misleading filters that are so prevalent online.

Do you offer incalls or outcalls? In LA, outcalls only to 4/5 star hotels. Tours are mostly incalls.

Do you really need personal info for screening? Absolutely. Safety is paramount. Rest assured all info you provide is confidential. For those with a high profile, please know I’m comfortable signing a NDA.

Do you entertain couples? I’m available for ménages à trois with Van Cleef and Arpels 24/7. Otherwise, I’ll have to graciously decline.

How much notice is required to schedule an appointment? I love a man with a plan! I have other projects and interests that keep me busy outside “this.” A notice of several days is appreciated for local appointments, although I try my best to accommodate your schedule. Pre-booking tour dates by two or more weeks is highly recommended. Same-day requests can't be accommodated.

Do you work with an agency? I'm completely independent and not associated with any agency. 

Do you accept tips or gifts? But of course! I adore being spoiled by thoughtful suitors. Generous gents are my absolute favorite and preferential treatment is shown in a multitude of ways. Please refer to my Wishlist for gift ideas. 

Visuals .

Invest .

1 hour ... n/a
1.5 hours 
... 1,300
2 hours ... 1,700
Each extra hour ... 1,000

1 hour ... 800 
1.5 hours ... 1,200
2 hours ... 1,600
3 hours ... 2,000 / 2,400 *

6 hours ... 4,000

- Multiple hour requests are prioritized. 

- LA locations outside Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, West Hollywood, Century City, Marina del Rey, and Santa Monica are rarely offered. Touring outcalls + 200, 2 hour min.

2 hour dinner + 1 hour (max) private time - 2,000; or 1 hour appetizers/cocktails + 2 hours (max) private time - 2,400. 

Etiquette .

Please have my gift placed in an unsealed envelope (or a Saint Laurent handbag, if you’re so inclined - I promise not to object!) and placed in plain view at the beginning of our date. When meeting in public, having it hidden inside a gift bag or greeting card is ideal. 

Benefaction is strictly for my time and companionship.

Deposits & Cancellations
A discreet 20% deposit is required to reserve my time. Please let me know whether Cash app, Venmo or a Mastercard/Visa gift card works best for you. Our first appointment cannot be scheduled without a deposit.

Cancellations that occur within 36 hours of our appointment incur half my booking rate. Same-day cancellations require 100%.

Deposits are non-refundable. In the rare event I have to cancel, you’ll be refunded immediately.

Safety and Respect
I won't compromise on my personal safety. If I can't screen you, I can't see you. There are zero exceptions.

I have a no-review policy. What happens in privately is meant to stay just that - private. The caliber of men I associate with have neither the time nor inclination to participate on review boards.

As vital as my safety is, discretion – on both sides – is also important. 

Mutual respect, chivalry, and first impressions via email should never be underestimated.

Wishlist .

For those who love to spoil, I’ve compiled wishlists on Luxylist and Amazon (nothing excites me quite like fine jewelry). 

Love my pics and want to see more? Sponsor my next photo shoot. 

I'm also partial to e-gift cards, especially from:

Agent Provocateur
(Kateryna 32d, 2 thong / Maysie 32d, 2 thong)
Neiman Marcus

Generosity never goes unnoticed. All gifts are very much appreciated, though never expected. 

Fly Me To You .

Up to 6 hours ... 4,000
12-14 hours ... 7,000
24 hours ... 8,500 (East Coast min.)
48 hours ... 14,000
Each additional day ... 3,000

Before I can make arrangements, a 25% deposit, 5 star hotel fare (bookings of 6 hours), airfare, and 200 for travel expenses are requested. First class is required for flights exceeding an hour.

- Two hours of private time is needed each day to work out and tend to personal matters (bookings of 24 hours or more). Seven hours of undisturbed sleep, followed by a bold cup of coffee, is a necessity.


Reserve .

Please take a moment to introduce yourself using my secure booking form.

If you prefer to email your details: jacqleighinc@gmail.comMy assistant Carla handles requests from new friends and responds quickly. (No “newbies,” please.)

Be prepared to send at least one of the following:

A. Your P411 number. 
B. A 
blank email from your employer’s address. An unpublished, discreet email address can be supplied on my end, if you wish. A picture of your business card is also suitable, so long as it matches your Linkedin profile.
C. A picture of your ID. All specifics except your name, DOB and photo may be blurred.

Independent provider references can sometimes be helpful but aren’t a substitution for real world info.

Appointment requests with vital requirements should involve no more than a few emails, otherwise my assistant will move the correspondence to spam.

Those who make this simple process a breeze move directly to the front of the line.

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