Jacqueline Leigh


About .

114 lbs.
Size XS/2

With long brunette hair and a light complexion, I'm hardly the stereotypical California girl, and that's just how I prefer it – out of the ordinary, distinctive, exclusive. A toned, lean figure is sustained through near-daily workouts and healthy living. As much as my playful, sensual side is conveyed through photos, my personality translates even better in person, one-on-one.

You’ll find me to be an excellent conversationalist with an appreciation for wry, witty banter. I can hold my own on any number of topics. Just as importantly - perhaps more so - I'm an avid listener.

Behind closed doors, my naughty side is expressed in a variety of forms. Much of this is influenced by you and your predilections. I’m open-minded, as you probably guessed, and I delight in learning what exactly makes you tick. 

By nature, I'm a very private person; I rarely even post on social media. This mindset carries over to my companionship experiences. While in L.A., I prefer to keep a low profile. I'd rather relax in your suite and indulge in room service than dine at a local hotspot. I’m always up for escaping the Tinseltown bubble with new and established paramours – joining you on a business trip or jetting off to a romantic locale.

Loves:  The sound of rain, Hotel Bel-Air, Art Deco, a sharp wit, a slinky black dress, foreign films (particularly French), endorphins, diamonds, sapphires and emeralds, chivalry, audacity, kindness, Pigalle Follies 100 (38).

Dislikes: Cheapskates, blowhards, Brussels sprouts, tasting menus, being rushed.

Can't live without: Humor, coffee in the morning, exercise, passion. 

Visuals .


Where are you based?
Los Angeles. A Fly-Me-To-You rendezvous is the perfect way for you to have me all to yourself in the city of your choice. I'm passport ready!

Are your photos recent?
Yes, and they’re updated frequently.

Do you see everyone who requests your company?
Definitely not. I share my time with a select group of admirers who are almost always 40+.

Where can I find your rates?
Contact my assistant. Rates are influenced by the location, type of date, etc.

Do you entertain couples?
I’m available for threesomes with Van Cleef & Arpels 24/7. Otherwise I’ll have to graciously decline. 

Do you really need personal info for screening?
Absolutely. Safety is paramount. Rest assured all info you provide is confidential. For those with a high profile, I have no problem signing a NDA.

Is a deposit mandatory?
Yes, a small deposit is always required for our first meeting and tours. This helps dissuade flakes and fantasy bookers – or as I like to say, it weeds out the boys from the m
en. I've learned the hard way that talk is cheap. 

How much notice is required to schedule an appointment?
I love a man with a plan. A notice of at least two days is best for local appointments. Same-day requests can't be accommodated.

Do you offer incalls or outcalls?
I offer outcalls to 4/5 star hotels. Visits to private residences are occasionally extended on a case-by-case basis. Incalls are not available in L.A. but are offered when touring.

Do you work with an agency?
No. I'm completely independent and not associated with any agency. 

I've contacted you. Why haven't I heard back?
Most likely your email was vulgar or your form incomplete. 

Do you accept tips or gifts?
But of course! I adore being spoiled by generous and thoughtful suitors. These types of gentlemen are my absolute favorite and preferential treatment is shown in a multitude of ways. Please refer to my Wishlist for gift ideas. 

Etiquette .

Please have my consideration placed in an unsealed envelope (or a Chanel handbag, if you're so inclined - I promise not to object!) and placed in plain view at the beginning of our date. When meeting in public, having it hidden inside a gift bag or greeting card is ideal. This should be done without me having to ask, which sets an uncomfortable tone.

Any attempt to barter will signal the end between us. 

I accept cash only.

Consideration is strictly for my time and companionship.

Deposits & Cancellations
A 20% discreet deposit is required to reserve my time. Cash app is preferred but Venmo or a gift card of my choosing can also work. Our first appointment cannot be scheduled without one.

I understand life happens, but my time is valuable, too. If you should cancel within 48 hours or less, you'll forfeit your non-refundable deposit. Same-day cancellations incur a 100% booking fee. Rescheduling won't be possible until I've been reimbursed. With proper notice however, the deposit can be applied to a future get-together (excluding tours). In the rare event I have to cancel, you'll be reimbursed immediately.

Safety and Respect
I won't compromise on my personal safety. If I can't screen you, I can't see you. There are zero exceptions.

As of 2021, I have a no-review policy. What happens privately is meant to stay just that - private. Those who don't respect this will be blocked from all future correspondence.

As vital as my safety is, discretion – on both sides – is equally important. 

Mutual respect, chivalry, and first impressions via email should never be underestimated.

Wishlist .

I'm sometimes asked which goodies wet my whistle, so I've compiled a wishlist on Amazon (nothing excites me quite like fine jewelry).

I'm also partial to e-gift cards, especially from:

Agent Provocateur

Neiman Marcus


All gifts are very much appreciated, though never expected. 

Fly Me To You .

I'm always ready for a sexy getaway! Please try to offer advanced notice of at least one week. 

Business Travels
Allow me to secretly accompany you on your next business trip. When you return from your day, you'll find me waiting for you in sky-high heels...and little else.


West & Central
5 Hours...3,500 (+ 5 star hotel fare)
14-16 Hours...6,500

East Coast
14-16 Hours...6,500

Extended Travel
24 Hours...8,500
A Weekend...11,000 
Each additional day...3,500

– Before I can make arrangements, a 30% deposit, airfare, and 200 for travel expenses are needed. First class is required for flights exceeding an hour. 
- Travel packages are for non-stop flights only. Patronage may vary if a layover is involved or if flight time exceeds 8 hours. 
- For overnight visits, I ask for 7 hours of undisturbed sleep followed by a bold cup of java. For engagements of 24 hours or more, 2 hours of private time is needed each day to work out and tend to personal matters.


Reserve .

By contacting me, you’re acknowledging you’ve read through my entire site. 

Please take a moment to introduce yourself using my secure booking form. Multi-hour engagements take precedence, although short and steamy trysts are also welcomed. My assistant Carla handles requests from new friends and responds quickly.

If you prefer to email your details: jacqleighinc@gmail.comOnly tasteful, sincere correspondence is responded to.

Be prepared to send at least one of the following:

- Your P411 number. 
blank email from your employer’s address. An unpublished, discreet email address can be supplied on my end, if you wish.
- A copy of your ID. All specifics except your name and photo may be blurred.

Independent provider references can sometimes be helpful but aren’t a substitution for real world info.

Those who make this simple process a breeze move directly to the front of the line.

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